Dubai: Just because Dubai is easing restrictions on movement and shopping from April 26, it doesn’t mean the emirate is foregoing its fight against the novel coronavirus.

To stop the spread of COVID-19, Dubai has been proactive in testing – over a million have been conducted so far - and offering support for recuperation for those infected. Now, as metros and buses start on their routes, the Roads and Transport Authority is taking precautions such as distributing and putting up stickers promoting awareness and social distancing rules across stations and aboard bogies.

These stickers address often asked questions such as how many passengers are allowed on a taxi at a time? What’s a good distance to maintain social distancing? And what is the proper protocol for travelling.

In addition, the RTA has urged extra caution while travelling: masks are manditory, an advisory calls for reaching the station 30 minutes prior to travel and selecting a bogie where social distancing, including alternate seating arrangements, can be maintained.

So what are the operating times?

Saturday to Thursday 7am-11pm; Friday 10am-11pm