Approximately 22 million American workers suffer from some sort ofWorker putting in an ear plug hearing loss. To help prevent hearing damage among your workers, you can take steps to assess noise levels and institute protective measures. This week’s Safety News You Need highlights information that can help you determine how loud is too loud and how best to protect workers’ hearing.

● To lower noise levels, you first need to know what those levels are. This guide offers insight into the noise levels of different environments and equipment, as well as when noise becomes hazardous to human hearing.

● The hierarchy of controls provides a foundation for addressing workplace hazards. Learn how to apply the hierarchy to hazardous noise and find solutions to reduce noise levels.

● Appropriate hearing protection equipment depends on several factors, including noise reduction, comfort level and tasks involved. Use these three tips to select the right hearing protection for your workers.

● Construction sites are often noisy and require unique controls. Establishing noise perimeter zones, as well as instituting engineering controls, administrative controls and hearing protection devices can put your work site on the path to noise reduction.