Eye and face protection are critical tools in many workplaces. In the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever that workers are protecting themselves and their coworkers. This week’s Safety News You Need can help you select the right face and eye protection for different situations, while optimizing your supply.

● COVID-19 has left healthcare workers in short supply of the PPE they need to protect themselves and their patients. Follow these strategies to optimize your supply of eye protection.

● Different face coverings provide different levels of protection. Learn the distinction between surgical masks and N95 respirators and situations where each should be used.

● Selecting the right eye and face protection will depend on the type of work being performed. Knowing the different types available and the hazards they protect workers from can help guide you in choosing the most appropriate for different working environments.

● Once you’ve selected eye protection, your workers have to know how to use it properly. Use these toolbox talks to start conversations at your work sites.