When it comes to the health and safety of workers at your jobsite, finding the right equipment for the task at hand should be a top priority. You are well aware that—as a safety professional—your job includes assessing your workplace’s respiratory hazards in order to help determine which class of respirator you need.

However, identifying the models best suited for your workforce’s specific situation is not quite as simple as it sounds. Once you’ve determined that your work conditions require the use of SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus), the numerous options available for purchase may seem overwhelming.

It might be tempting to assume that all NIOSH-certified products are pretty much the same; however, this is not the case. Features and benefits, support, and more can vary from unit to unit and from vendor to vendor. If you take the time to carefully compare SCBAs, identifying the best product for your particular circumstances, not only will your workers have exactly what they need to do the job, but you can even save time and money in the long run.