When it comes to industrial hard hats, one size does NOT fit all. Learn how to choose the right headgear for the right application.

Fall-related injuries and fatalities number in the hundreds of thousands every year, and for many years they’ve been a serious issue for safety managers and their workers. It seems obvious that companies need to get more proactive in their insistence that their workers wear protective helmets, but in fact, it’s not a simplistic answer. There are numerous choices of helmets and headwear for various industries—construction, oil & gas, utilities, and general industry—and one size most definitely does NOT fit all.

This eBook will help you determine how to choose the right headgear for the right application. We’ll take a look at the various standards for hard hats, how to properly care for and use these hats, and help you determine when a hat has reached its “expiration date.” You’ll also learn the key considerations in choosing the proper helmets, how to conduct a thorough assessment of potential hazards, and how to determine the applicable standards and requirements of the headgear.